New Track: Emblem3 – ‘Now’

During the summer of 2014, Emblem3 disbanded when Drew Chadwick left the band to pursue a solo career. Well, things didn’t pan out exactly how he thought they would and late last year the trio announced they would be orchestrating a comeback in 2016! It’s time for the comeback as Drew and Wesley and Keaton Stromberg unveil a new track called ‘Now’ for fans.

More so than anything else, ‘Now’ is a tease of what fans can expect from the guys’ brand new record. It’s a fine re-emergence for them. Nothing special, nothing out of this world amazing. It doesn’t introduce a new sound for them. So what does it do? ‘Now’ places the three passed all the break up drama and shows them focused and dedicated into making Emblem3 bigger than ever.

We hear you guys. It’s time to put your money where your mouthes are.

Are you happy that Emblem3 is back?

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