New Single: Zendaya ft. Chris Brown – ‘Something New’

Zendaya has been hard at work at creating her sophomore LP alongside industry heavyweights like Timbaland for the past year or so. She’s managed to stay pretty tight lipped about the record, but she’s finally ready to let us all in a little bit with the album’s first single, ‘Something New’ ft. Chris Brown.

When the lights come on at 2/I’ll still be movin’ chu/You ain’t lookin’ at nobody/Just my body/This ain’t forever/Just tonight/Just sit back and take my direction

WOW. Did homegirl grow up or what?! The extensive break suits Zendaya well – she was able to mature, musically and vocally, and take her sound to the next level. We’ve expressed our concerns about her phoning it on her debut album, but with ‘Something New’ she positions herself as an up and coming R&B singer that we all need to keep our eyes on.

With the help of Chris Brown and a sample of TLC’s iconic hit, ‘Creep’, Zen has all the makings of a hit on her hands. A pop hit? Most likely not. ‘Something New’ has crossover potential, but nothing major. Hands down, this will dominate urban radio. We can promise you that.

We’ve had our opinions about Zendaya as an artist, but she’s finally risen to the occasion and we’re happy to eat our words. Keep it up, Z! This KNOCKS!

Are you loving ‘Something New’?

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