First Listen: Tinashe – ‘My Territory’

No signs of ‘Joyride’ yet, but there’s been plenty of music from Tinashe over the past few months to keep all interest maintained for her forthcoming sophomore release. Now, this may not be an “official” release, but a clip of a song called ‘My Territory’ has surfaced online and, just a warning guys, it’s pretty fucking fantastic.

Thanks to a trusty ATRL user, ‘My Territory’ surfaced on the pop music forum a few hours ago and prompted fans to go crazy. Everything we’ve heard from ‘Joyride’ thus far has been primarily urban and there’s been a few whispers about all the pop tracks being scrapped from the record. ‘My Territory’ isn’t as pop as, oh say, ‘Player’, but this small 30 second clip reminds of us a certain pop princess who Tinashe has repeatedly cited as an influence – Britney Spears. The sensual ‘Slave 4 U’ influences are undeniable on this track as well as the heavy 808 production. A clear win in our book and a great sound for the budding superstar.

No word on if this will make the final track list on ‘Joyride’, but fingers crossed that it does!

*Audio removed as per request*


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