Meghan Trainor To Release Her New Single ‘No’ Off Of Her Second Album On March 4th

Great news, Megatronz! Your girl, Meghan Trainor, is due to release her first single off of her sophomore album, ‘Thank You’, in just ONE month. Yes, it’s that close! It seems like yesterday that M-Train released ‘Title’ and took over the world with ‘All About That Bass’. Now, it’s time for her to do it all again – but this time it’ll be with one simple word: ‘No’.

No’ will be the title of Meghan’s new single, slated for release on March 4th. Speaking to Fuse earlier this week, Meghan gave a little insight on what the single was inspired by and what we can all expect from it.

…You know when you’re wrapping up your album and you’re sitting with your label and they go, ‘You don’t have your singles,’ and it’s like, ‘Man, what do you mean I don’t have my single? I have nine singles!’ I left that meeting and I went to the studio and I wrote a big anthem that was called ‘No.’ And I came back to [Epic Records head] L.A. Reid the next day, with it all produced and written, and I played it for him and he played it 24 times at 9:00 PM at night, because he loved it so much. He was like, ‘There it is.’

Produced by Wallpaper (Jason Derulo’s ‘Talk Dirty’), Meghan describes ‘No’ as “a big anthem for ladies about telling a dude, ‘Nah, I’m good—I’m out here on my own, and I’m good with it…No no no. I don’t need your hands all over me. I’m good. I’m gonna dance on my own with my girls“. Sounds like Meghan is stepping out of the doo-wop era and into something more urban-pop with a a dance floor cut. Damn, if you thought she was catchy before it sounds like she’s about to crank it up a few notches.

No word on when her album ‘Thank You’ will be released yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if she let something slip on the red carpet at The GRAMMYs. As you know, Meghan is nominated for Best New Artist. Will she take home a megaphone that night?

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