New Track: Allie X – ‘Old Habits Die Hard’

There’s been talk about a follow up to Allie X’s flawless EP, ‘CollXTion I’, for quite a while now. The main mystery surrounding it is when will we hear it. Well, it seems like we may be in for a surprise – a release seems imminent. Why? Allie surprise released a new song this morning, ‘Old Habits Die Hard’, as a small taste of what to expect on her new “collXtion”.

Sonically, it’s still very synth-heavy and full of angst and contradictions. That tortured feeling from many of her songs on ‘CollXtion I’ is still present. In fact, a lot of the elements from the first “collXtion” remain intact. Is that a bad thing? Absolutely not. Allie has a very specific brand of alt-pop; and after a bit of notoriety and buzz, the pressure to deliver another solid project can derail everything that’s already been established for an artist. We’re glad this isn’t the case – Allie is too special to pop right now.

Allie has said the following about ‘Old Habits Die Hard’ in a press release:

Old Habits Die Hard’ is an xpression of this action: laughing at your own weakness as it seduces you one more time. It’s a cruel reality when you believe you’ve overcome an addiction, just to find that it still has you by the throat. I tried to keep the language of the lyric conversational, because ‘old habits die hard’, the saying itself, has a jest in it’s undertone (like so many idioms do) that seems to justify/celebrate that self destructive moment when you just…give up.”

No word on a true date for ‘CollXtion II’ yet, but don’t be surprised if we get it sometime this spring.

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