Madonna Performs ‘Take A Bow’ In Taipei For The First Time On The Rebel Heart Tour

A rebel, indeed. Proving that Madonna truly has some heart, the Queen of Pop dug deep into her extensive list of #1 singles and decided to perform the one that she’s never performed live ever before on tour. Yes – it really did happen. Madonna finally performed ‘Take A Bow’ on tour.

Albeit, this isn’t the best vocal performance from Madonna, but THIS IS ‘TAKE A BOW’ LIVE. We’ll take what we can get.

Take A Bow’ is one of our favorite M songs and it’s practically criminal that it gets paid so much dust by Madonna. You can all have your own #JusticeFor campaigns, but actually #JusticeForTakeABow.

Take A Bow’ performance is so rare that it’s only happened three times in the span of Madonna’s four decade career: once in Germany, once in Italy, and at the 1995 American Music Awards. We’re a little pressed that she didn’t try it out during the North American leg of The Rebel Heart Tour, but at least we can always come back to another YouTube performance to relive this once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon.

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