New Single/Video Premiere: Florrie – ‘Real Love’

Another girl has thrown her hat in the ring for the first big pop song of 2016. After inking a major label deal for her debut album, Florrie has officially kicked off her new era with the enormously tart new single, ‘Real Love’and its music video.

There’s a few songs that come out each year that people talk about for the next twelve months. This is one of them. Florrie has always been great and had potential, but all of that really shines through on ‘Real Love’. It’s as if all the pieces finally came together to work in her favor.

The synths are dizzying – almost on the borderline of inducing vertigo they’re so euphoric, her vocals are hushed and delicate. It’s when the beat drops out in the pre-chorus and when everything comes back like a sledgehammer in the chorus you recognize this song’s magic. Oh, and that hook? “Floorie”-d us.

There really is no better note to start out on when it comes to your debut album than this. Are you falling in ‘Love’ with Florrie?

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