‘Diamonds’,. ‘Hallelujah’, ‘Wings’, And Other Bonnie McKee Demos Leak Online

There’s a sad truth about constantly working in the studio and fail to release any album or EP. Unfortunately, most of your material that wasn’t intended to be heard will eventually surface online. Just ask Bonnie McKee. Not only did she have one or two songs leak over night, the singer-songwriter had six demos leak online from various studio sessions.

In true Bonnie McKee fashion, not all of them are great. ‘Diamonds’ and ‘I Dare You’ sound like Kesha rejects. In fact, it seems like ‘I Dare You’ was a demo for Britney Spears at some point – very hard to believe Britney singing this track after listening to the demo. ‘Hallelujah’, ‘Wings’  – hard pass. There’s something about ‘Restless’, but it veers into early Katy Perry a little too much during the chorus. Those verses though; pure bubblegum pop fun.

You Won’t Have Me’ is, perhaps, the only interesting demo because the folky-acoustic sound seems the most authentic out of the bunch. For the first time, there can be absolutely zero comparisons to any other pop female. It’s refreshing after all the Katy/Kesha comparisons over the past five years.

At the end of the day, these are demos that were never intended to be heard and for a damn good reason. Bonnie McKee is a very acquired taste. You either like her or don’t vibe with her music. So for those that call themselves fans, you’ll be happy to add a few more songs to your collection.





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