New Single/Video Premiere: Beyonce – ‘Formation’

SOS. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. The rumors turned out to be true! Beyonce is, indeed, dropping a new single called ‘Formation’ before the SuperBowl tomorrow. It’s just arrived via Tidal along with a music video for the song. Get ready everyone – King B is back!

Formation’ is not like your typical Beyonce song. The New Orleans infused trap banger kicks off with the phrase “Bitch, I’m back“. So immediately, you’re perking up in your seat waiting to see what Beyonce is serving up this time around.

Within the first minute, Beyonce is shouting out the Illuminati, the paparazzi, and Givenchy. That’s just on the surface of things however. The chorus, and much like the rest of the song, is heavily focused on a tongue-in-cheek version of Beyonce’s entire life.

My daddy Alabama/Momma Louisiana/You mix that negro with that Creole/Make a Texas bamma

For the first time ever in her career, Beyonce even brings a little bit of politics into music – especially the discussion on race.

I like my baby hair, with baby hair and afros/I like my negro nose with Jackson Five nostrils/Earned all his money but they never take the country out me.

It’s definitely a step further into the more contemporary, grittier R&B world she introduced on ‘Beyonce’. Produced by Mike WILL Made It, ‘Formation’ is very dirty south to a tee. It’s perhaps the edgiest (and most ratchet) we’ve heard B yet. It’s definitely not a song for everyone. Definitely zero pop appeal and more suited for rhythmic radio. Think ‘7/11′, but on steroid. Speaking of, if you thought her “KALE” sweatshirt from that video was the viral meme that became synonymous with Beyonce’s name, just wait until you hear the line about hot sauce in her purse.

As for the video, directed by Melina Matsoukas, there’s plenty of references to Southern life style in the forms of fashion and architecture and, of course, Beyonce is churning out the intricate choreography she’s become known for. If you thought the track had a ting of a political sense about it – well, B kicks that up a few notches in the video. Hey, even Blue makes a cameo in it. That’s something for everyone, right?

Odds are Beyonce will be performing this at the SuperBowl tomorrow since she has been reportedly rehearsing new music. There’s talk of her performing not only this song, but another new track as well.

She’s literally doing this all over again, guys. You do realize that, right? And hey the best part is you can download ‘Formation‘ for free right now on TIDAL.

Slay all day, B. You slay mama.

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