Coldplay, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars Rock SuperBowl 50 During Halftime

Another year, another superstar performance during the Super Bowl Halftime Show! This year, Coldplay took the stage as the game’s main act during the Pepsi Halftime Show and brought Super Bowl veterans, Beyonce and Bruno Mars, to give their 12 minute set the boost it needed.

Truth be told, this is the most disjointed Halftime Show that we can remember. These three acts didn’t mesh well at all – well, two of them. There’s really something to be said when an act is billed as the headliner and the two special guests steal the spotlight with a hit that’s 1+ year old and a song that barely anybody knows.

Now, that’s not a knock on Coldplay. We were satisfied with them being selected and admit that they have an extensive discography with plenty of hits that would have been great to showcase during Halftime. That didn’t happen. Instead, the band decided to relinquish nearly a 1/3 of their allotted time to their guests. So in that way, they were robbed a bit in what they could have done. What happened? Why wasn’t ‘Hymn For The Weekend’ performed? Where was ‘A Sky Full Of Stars’? Why Bruno and why not, let’s say, Rihanna?

And the montage at the end of past performers? Where was Britney? Where was Janet? Where was Madonna?

We weren’t expecting a lot so we weren’t surprised at how flat it all was. Hey, if you enjoyed – great for you. Us? We’ll be spending the night re-watching past performances that have actually left an impact on Super Bowl historyu.

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