New Single: Missy Elliot – ‘Pep Rally’

And another one surprise releasing. Missy Elliott surprised millions of fans last year when she popped up during Katy Perry’s Superbowl Halftime show. Well, it looks like she’s ready to duplicate that success this year with the release of her brand new single, ‘Pep Rally’.

Well, we can see why she chose to release this song today. The title alone is a direct reference to sporting events and she literally pays nod to her presence at last year’s Superbowl in the second verse.

It’s a lot less “pop” than ‘WTF (Where They From?) and seems like just a buzz single given the time of the year. We wouldn’t be surprised if Missy had another single up her sleeve to release later on this spring that builds off of what people have come to love her for.

Are you feeling ‘Pep Rally’?

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