New Track: The Veronicas – ‘Runaway’

Last year, The Veronicas were due to re-release their self-titled third album. However, last year came and went and no re-release was ever made available. During the time that the girls’ were setting up the re-package, a song named ‘Runaway’ was rumored to be included on the new version of ‘The Veronicas’. We may not have all of the tracks that were supposed to be on the deluxe edition of the record, but we finally have a leaked version of the highly anticipated track.

Feeling it! The heartbreaker anthem has got a little bit of that irreverent sprit that was on some of their older material mashed up with some of the straight forward pop sound that made up a lot of their latest record. If this was the direction the two sisters were moving towards on their re-release, it sounds like we had quite a few potential hits coming out way.

It’s a shame it was never officially released, but at least we have it in some way.

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  1. Josh says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the upload 🙂 Any other newly leaked Veronicas?

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