New Tracks: Natalia Kills – ‘Crimes Of Love’, ‘Comin’ Alive’, & ‘Beautiful’

This weekend was a terrible weekend to be a pop artist. No, we don’t mean being overshadowed by Beyonce and her ‘Formation’ release. Nearly half a dozen artists experienced heavy leaks throughout the weekend, including alt-pop artist Natalia Kills.

All the demos have been very underwhelming, bar Tove Lo’s genius ‘Give Me More’, but Natalia’s really are something dreadful. These three songs are very Britney/Kesha-rejects, and if you’ve been following Natalia’s career since her debut you’ll know she is not that artist.

They all give off the vibe of an artist experimenting in a studio, but,in reality, it comes off as a desperate ploy to try everything to make it work and break out. The funny thing is they aren’t bad pop songs – they just seem terrible due to the artist that’s attached to them. Oh, except ‘Crimes Of Love’ – that one is just god awful.

Should have these Natalia Kills demos stayed under lock and key?

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