JoJo Performs ‘Save My Soul’ On Late Night with Seth Meyers

For someone that’s relatively under the radar and crawling back into relevancy, JoJo sure now how to book a high profile show and give one hell of a performance.
Late last week, the pop&B singer took the stage at Late Night with Seth Meyers to give a raw performance of ‘Save My Soul’, one of the most gripping and gritty tracks off of last fall’s ‘Tringle’.
We have to admit, everyone does the most when it comes to JoJo. Yes, she’s talented. Yes, she was once one of the most promising rising stars. However, that was nearly a decade ago. The question today is where does shit fit into today’s musical climate?
She’s not the young teen we once knew. There’s an edge to her now; an almost alternative vibe. A lot of fans want to fit her into this commercial place, but it just isn’t possible anymore. She may be signed to a major label, but JoJo has all the makings of an indie artist right now and it’s working in her favor.
She may not be the highest on the charts, if at all, but when she sticks to her artistic integrity, like she does with this performance of ‘Save My Soul’, she finally has a true shot at defining success on her own terms.

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