New Track: Bonnie McKee: ‘Tough Enough’

Looks like we have more Bonnie McKee leaks coming out way. Over the weekend, the singer-songwriter found herself swimming in a whole mess of leaks. This time, an urban-pop song called ‘Tough Enough’ has surfaced and it seems to be a DJ Mustard produced demo for Rihanna.

Was this sent to Rihanna during the many recording sessions and creative overhauls for ‘ANTI’? We can see why it was rejected – it just didn’t fit the direction Ri was looking to move towards with her latest release. Still, ‘Tough Enough’ is kind of good? Shit, if Bonnie couldn’t sell this song to Rihanna we’re almost positive another artist would buy this song. Lots of pop players would kill for a Bonnie McKee track. Come to think of it, this would kind of be perfect for Fifth Harmony, no?

Do you think Bonnie should continue to shop ‘Tough Enough’ around?

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