Gwen Stefani Announces Third Solo Album, ‘This Is What The Truth Feels Like’

gwen-stefani-03-600Gwen Stefani is finally done with her third solo record, y’all! After spending much of last summer in the studio to create a body of work that reflected the current state her life was, Gwen Stefani seems to be in a place where she’s ready to release her third record. Just now, the No Doubt front woman revealed the album’s title and track list on her official Twitter account.

*Drums roll please…*

Gwen Stefani’s third solo album will officially be called ‘This Is What The Truth Feels Like’ and include 12 tracks, including her latest hit ‘Used To Love You’ and her upcoming single ‘Make Me Like You’.

Gwen has worked alongside in-demand pop songwriters Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels for the past six months to help her create an album that has taken many twists and turns since June of last year. As many of us know, Gwen went straight into the studio as soon as her marriage fell apart of get everything that she was feeling off of her chest.

At one point, Gwen’s label felt the record was too personal. So, back to the drawing board she went and ‘Used To Love You’ was born. From there, it was like a faucet was turned on – Gwen became beyond inspired and nearly half of those later sessions are what makes up ‘This Is What The Truth Feels Like’.

A few songs she’s mentioned in prior interviews have made the cut (‘Misery’, ‘Naughty’, and ‘Red Flag’) and it seems like her new romance with Blake Shelton has inspired quite a songs (‘You’re My Favorite’, ‘Rare’). Target will release an exclusive deluxe edition of the album containing four bonus tracks.

On top of this news, Gwen is slated to premiere the ‘Make Me Like You’ music video during The GRAMMYs on February 15th. Looks like this will be a big era for Gwen! Are you ready for the ‘Truth’?

This Is What The Truth Feels Like’ will be released on March 18th.

‘This Is What The Truth Feels Like’ Tracklist

  1. Misery
  2. You’re My Favorite
  3. Where Would I Be?
  4. Make Me Like You
  5. Truth
  6. Used To Love You
  7. Send Me A Picture
  8. Red Flag
  9. Asking 4 It
  10. Naughty
  11. Me Without You
  12. Rare
  13. Rocket Ship (Target Exclusive)
  14.  Getting Warmer (Target Exclusive)
  15. Obsessed (Target Exclusive)
  16. Splash (Target Exclusive)

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