Video Premiere: Lana Del Rey – ‘Freak’

We speak for everyone when we say that we thought Lana Del Rey’s ‘Honeymoon’ era was deader than dead. Nothing has happened with the mellow chanteuses’s latest release since September. Turns out Lana was hard at work on putting together a new video for the album track ‘Freak’ which premiered earlier this morning on VEVO.

Matching the hazy aesthetic that the song embodies, the ‘Freak’ video places Lana and Father John Misty in the middle of the Cali desert on a hot summer’s day. As Misty begins to act up just a bit, Lana introduces a wave of euphoria on him in the form of an LSD induced trip that brings him close to nirvana.

And well, that’s it! There’s no plot – lots of trippy, vivid imagery. Her usual grainy lo-fi flare is still present throughout the video, but it’s rather bright for a Lana Del Rey video. A refreshing change of pace.

Really, you can just tune into the first half of the video. Towards the later half, you get nothing but the ‘Music To Watch Boys To’ girls swimming around in a pool of water. A pass for us.

Was the ‘Freak’ video worth the wait?

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