Katy Perry Is In The Middle of “Developing” Her Fourth Album

Admit it. You’ve missed Katy Perry on your radio stations, televisions, charts, and in arenas in a city near you. After the worldwide Prismatic World Tour came to a close at the end of last year, Katy quietly withdrew from the spotlight for a much needed break. Promoting a record for nearly two years straight can take its toll! Now, Katy isn’t diving headfirst into her fourth record like she did with her third record, but she is giving it some thought these days.

In an interview with the New York Times, Katy Perry has shared that she’s in the middle of developing exactly what her next record will look like and sound like:

I’m in the research and development phase. I’ve been going at it for eight or nine years in the spotlight, and then before that there’s that decade of hustle that never gets recognized but still shows up in your wrinkles. So right now I’m taking a little time. I don’t want to jump on any trends. I just need to evolve.

I do my records in a more traditional way, where the cycle is three years, so that once I start writing them, I know exactly where I’ll be in spring of 2018. That can get a little bit like “Ugh.” I need a little bit more freedom, especially when I’ve been doing it for this long.

While spring of 2018 may be a little bit of a stretch when it comes to Katy’s next release, we think the more logical timeframe would be the end of this year or early next. Inspiration needs to come Katy’s way and she needs to be missed in order to come back stronger than ever.

It’s also great to hear that she’s going to spend some time digging deep and taking her music to the next level. Grant it, we heard this song and dance when she was creating ‘Prism’ (“my music is about to get real fucking dark!”) and nothing ever happened. Maybe after peddling the same sound for two records in a row now, it’s time for a switch up in order to stay on top.

What do you think Katy will deliver on her fourth record?

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