New Single: Gwen Stefani – ‘Make Me Like You’

For the past several months, Gwen Stefani has been living in the studio creating her third solo album after her divorce from Gavin Rossdale late last summer. After experiencing a sudden flow of creativity and a new hit with ‘Used To Love You’ in the fall, Gwen never let up and continued to create more music to add to her record. Today, she’s finally ready to release a little more thanks to the release of a new single, ‘Make Me Like You’reuniting her with the team that made her previous single a hit.

And it seems like an even bigger hit is on the horizon for Gwen! ‘Make Me Like You’ is great – such a huge chorus and a playful song fort the glam pop singer! Could it be directed towards Blake? You be the judge…

Why you have to go and make me like you/I’m so mad at you/Cause now you got me missin’ you!/Something I could get used to/I could get used to this/It’s getting hard to leave it/your lips on my lips

Out of all the new material Gwen has released over the past year or so, this feels more like her than anything else. Grant it, we aren’t getting the same dancefloor diva Gwen. There’s a certain funk/disco element to the single, but ultimately ‘Make Me Like You’ feels slightly more No Doubt-esque thanks to the singles heavy guitar leaning production.

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