New Single/Video Premiere: Jason Derulo – ‘Naked’

Oh dear god. We haven’t felt this light headed in a while. Jason Derulo has just dropped a new single and new music video for a track called ‘Naked’ – and well, we’re sweating.

First of all, in the middle of the day you drop this urban romp?! Jason, what did we do to deserve to see you in all your glory like this? We’re in serious need of a cold shower…

But back to the music. Because that’s the most important thing here, right? ‘Naked’ finds Jason tapping into a more urban, hip-hop sound than ever before. The beat is dark and merky, the lyrics are the most explicit he’s ever been, and Jason even takes a stab at rapping during the middle eight.

Our head is spinning. We love this. Are you a fan of Jason’s ‘Naked’?

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