Britney Spears Promises New Music “Very Soon”

This weekend, Britney Spears is set to debut a revamped version of her record shattering Las Vegas Residency Piece Of Me to thousands of fans on the Strip. With lots of new elements to the show being added (including fan favorite songs), is new music set to be premiered when the curtain drops for the first show? It seems like it may be a possibility…

Let’s back things up for a second. Britney has been hard at work at recording her ninth record for the past two years or so now. Originally, the plan was to release one-off singles at a steady pace, but….we all we got was ‘Pretty Girls’.

Since then, Britney has been in the recording studio with DJ Mustard, Chantal Kreviazuk, and BURNS. More recently, Britney tweeted that she was in the studio with current in demand writers Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels; and just yesterday, the Internet created a shit storm of a rumor that Britney was to surprise release a single written by them and produced by Cashmere Cat called ‘Just Luv Me’.

Well, obviously that didn’t happen (and never would have) which leads us to today. This morning, an interview from the Las Vegas Sun was released where Britney discussed her new show, Vegas, and new music with Robin Leach. When pressed about when we could hear some new material from the reigning princess of pop, Britney had this to say:

You’ll be hearing something new from me soon … very soon.

So cryptic that we actually hate it, but love it at the same time because that means we’re about to get saved by the one person who knows how to create fantastic pop music. Britney may have had a shaky few years with releases, but that is nothing compared to what some of these other girls are doing.

Now, we know it’s coming – but the question of when we’ll actually hear new music remains. Will it be February 13th when she debuts her new show (there is a new opening to the show so it would be perfect)? Will it be somewhere in the middle of her Vegas run? Will it be later this spring once her first set of shows wraps so we can get some proper promotion (yeah, right…).

Given Britney’s vague answer and the army of people she’s aligned herself with for this record, we have a feeling that something big is coming. Prepare yourselves now…

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