Christina Aguilera’s New Album To Be A Timeless Body Of Work

Season 10 of The Voice is slated to begin at the end of the month and the diva herself, Christina Aguilera, is returning to her big ol’ red chair. Not only can we expect some off-the-cuff vocals during a few critiques this season from Ms. Aguilera, but it seems like her eighth studio album might be on the table for release as well during the next few months.

Christina has been working on this album for pretty long time now – close to a year and a half. Is it time to unleash the voice within and have a proper resurgence? If her recent string of interviews is anything to go by, then we’re going to assume yes!

Back in October, Christina revealed that yoga has inspired the direction of where her music was going. Jumping off of that revelation, a sit-down with Mario Lopez from earlier this week seems to confirm that Christina is tapping into a more soulful direction this time around.

My album will be an album of freedom and it will be everything that i feel like I haven’t really been able to be the past few years and I’m very excited about this album. It’ll be a body of work that will be timeless.

A body of work, you say? Timeless, you say? Sign us up. While we love the dirrty side of Xtina, there’s no denying that Christina Aguilera truly shines when she strips everything away and really puts the focus on her effortless vocals.

Are you ready for this next Christina era?


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