Britney Spears Debuts A Revamped Piece of Me In Las Vegas

Last night, the living legend herself – Britney Spears – returned to the desert to kick start another leg of her record shattering residency Piece Of Me at The Axis Theatre in Planet Hollywood. This wasn’t like any other leg of her show. Over the past few months, Britney and her team have worked quietly behind the scenes to bring in new elements into her show to give Piece Of Me new life and last night was the new show’s full run through.

So what’s different? Well, a whole lot! For starters, every single outfit is new in the show and they just so happen to be the best we’ve seen yet. The bodysuit from the beginning has been traded in for a camo, diamond encrusted leotard, her ringleader outfit from the end of the show has been ditched in favor of a sexy red lingerie look, and her final costume of the night brings more of the garden/forest theme of the final act into her wardrobe. Those are just a few, but odds are if you’ve been online during the past 12 hours you’ve seen the all the new looks.

Besides the outfits, a few staging elements have been remixed. New props have been added and some major ones have been taken away. Britney no longer begins the show in a futuristic way. The big ball descending to the stage has been scrapped and, instead, a military look has been introduced. The “wow” factor may be lost in the opening, but the execution is sharper and goes hand in hand with opening songs.

Which leads us to the final thing: nearly every song has brand new choreography (that Britney is absolutely killing), sections of the show have been re-arranged, and Britney has tossed in a few new songs into the set list. ‘3′ is gone and ‘Break The Ice’ and ‘Piece of Me’ have been ushered to the opening. The light and darkness sections have been switched to the third section and thehits section has been moved to second. ‘Gimme More’ has been extended into a full song with killer choreography to match. Britney has even added a tribute to Missy Elliott in the form of a small dance break in the middle of the Neon act of the show.

As for the new songs, ‘I Love Rock N Roll’ has been brought in along with the huge guitar that made a few appearances on the Femme Fatale Tour. ‘If You Seek Amy’ has replaced ‘I Wanna Go’ and fan favorties, ‘Breathe On Me’ and ‘Touch Of My Hand’ have been integrated into the show right after the Circus act.

One thing to note is that no new music appears yet. However, Britney did say earlier this week that we would hear something “very soon“. Our bet is that during her shows in April we’ll see at least one more new performance thrown into the show.

Only a few videos have made their way online so far, but we’ll be updating as soon as new clips are made available to give you the full Piece Of Me 2.0 experience. Brad Stern from PopCrush was in the house last night for the show and happened to capture all of the new performances over on their YouTube channel – feel free to head on over there to check them out in full.

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