Video Premiere: Gwen Stefani – ‘Make Me Like You’

If you’re glued to your TVs watching the 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards, you’re aware that Gwen just shot and filmed the music video for her brand new single ‘Make Me Like You’ during a commercial break. Immediately, the music video is on VEVO – so did she ace this never before done task or was it a serious misstep on her part?

Well. It’s very cheesy and very much like a commercial. But, you know, there’s things they can do in post to make it look a little less live, so here’s to hoping for that.

It was cute. It was fine. It goes hand in hand with the bubbly fun vibe the song gives off, but we prefer a least a little bit of a storyline. Ultimately, Gwen is a lot better than this. It’s a pass for us.

Did you like Gwen’s live music video debut?

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