Charli XCX Debuts New Song’ Too Many Omens’ From New Album

Charli XCX has been hard at work on her third album – a record that’s ready to kiss the punk-rock influences behind and bring Charli into a more electronic heavy space.

Over the weekend, the English singer-songwriter appeared at the MOMA PS1 Sunday Sessions and decided to treat the fans in the crowd for a first listen of a new song from her record, ‘Too Many Omens’.

Grant it, this is live – so we’re going to be as delicate as we can. But frankly, this song borderlines garbage. Charli has done electronic music before and she’s done it well. ‘Too Many Omens’ does lean away from her flawless pop formula – there’s no structure, there’s a lot of theatrics, vocally it’s a bit screechy – so we can congratulate her on trying something new and taking a risk. We’d just rather not hear this song ever again.

Is ‘Too Many Omens’ too much for you?

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