Gwen Stefani Performs ‘Make Me Like You’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Gwen Stefani is literally on Cloud 9 these days! She’s returning to The Voice to be her main squeeze’s advisor for Season 10, she’s got a new album on the way, and her new single ‘Make Me Like You’ could be her best single in nearly a decade.

After recording the first live music video ever during the GRAMMYs, Gwen didn’t decide just to let her high-profile music video act as the only promo for her new single. She hopped onto the stage at Jimmy Kimmel Live! to give the first television performance of the song!

The quality available so far isn’t so great, but you can tell how solid Gwen sounds! When it comes to Gwen live…she’s very hit or miss. We’re happy to hear that ‘Make Me Like You’ is nothing but a hit live. Did we expect anything less though?

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