Justin Bieber, Diplo, Skrillex Debut Live Version of ‘Where Are Ü Now’

Monday night during The GRAMMYs, Justin Bieber, Diplo, and Skrillex premiered a live version of their award winning song ‘Where Are Ü Now’ on stage during the show. Truth be told, the performance was a mess for a number of reasons – but mainly the sound issues that plagued everyone else all night. So, we were’t too impressed with the dance hit’s remix.

Right after the show, Diplo and Skrillex made available that exact version that they performed live on YouTube. Thankfully, it’s a lot cleaner that the version we heard on the GRAMMYs and successfully brings new life and energy to this song.

Could ‘Where Are Ü Now have a resurgence thanks to a live version of the track?

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