Adele Performs ‘When We Were Young’ & ‘All I Ask’ On Ellen

Despite a big GRAMMYs snafu, Adele is putting on her brave face and opening up about the sound issues during a sit-down with Ellen on The Ellen Show. But who cares about what happened when Adele performed the same song on Ellen right after her interview.

Well. ‘All I Ask’ was still a bit shaky at times – but at least it was a step up from the disaster that happened earlier this week. And hey – Adele can sing better than most. Even when she’s not at her best, she’s still miles better than the rest.

On top of ‘All I Ask’, Adele took the stage again to perform her current single ‘When We Were Young’. It’s funny. This song is not having the normal effect on the charts as your typical Adele single will. It just hit #20 on the chart and radio seems to be abandoning the song almost imminently.

Will the GRAMMYs and Ellen have a positive affect on ‘When We Were Young’?


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