Kanye West Debuts New Version Of ‘Wolves’ With Frank Ocean, Sia, & Vic Mensa; ‘Fall Out Of Heaven’ ft. The Dream & Bon Iver Leaks

It’s safe to say, at this point, ‘The Life Of Pablo’, is one of the messiest albums in the history of popular music. Way beyond ‘ARTPOP’, way beyond the recently released ‘ANTI’.

As soon as ‘TLOP’ went up, Kanye abruptly mentioned that he would fix ‘Wolves’ and make it “better”. Turns out, he was taking fans feedback into consideration and threw Sia and Vic Mensa back on the song. While this would have probably been the best thing to do originally, it’s pretty incredible to see an artist dedicated to giving his fans what they want as soon as they want.

On top that, an outtake from the record has also surfaced today. ‘Fall Out Of Heaven’ features The-Dream and Bon Iver and could have actually fit on the record. In fact, it could have replaced some of the lazier stuff that actually made the record. No word on if this is a future G.O.O.D. Friday release – Kanye has so many tracks from the erractic making of this album. It’s only a matter of time before other leftovers leak.


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