Natalia Kills Returns With New Band Cruel Youth & Debut Single ‘Mr. Watson’

We’ve got a doppleganger amongst us. But actually. Reinventing herself for a third time, Natalia Kills aka Teddy Sinclair has formed a new band called Cruel Youth and, today, they premiere their new single ‘Mr. Watson’.

Well, this just screams Amy Winehouse mixed with some trap influences. It’s astounding the lengths an artist will go to in order to reinvent their sound something they think is new.

Despite no shred of originality, Natalia/Teddy’s smoky, unfiltered vocals sound, perhaps, the best they ever have in this track. So, there’s that.

Upon release of the track, Natalia/Teddy shared this message:

Cruel Youth is the musical love child created during a 3-month lock-in at my studio with my husband Willy Moon. It’s The Ronettes on Oxy, it’s a narcotic lullaby, a psychedelic jingle you might hear waiting in line at a Western Union or a laptop symphony soundtracking a car crash in slow motion. Willy and I met whilst both signed to Universal Records, and married only a few months later. Cruel Youth is an intravenous hit of our love and everything I find beautiful.

For a brief moment in 2015 I felt like it was the death of me, but somehow the part that survived was a pure uncensored passion that quickly became the ace in my hand. While evolving my solo project into my new band I was approached to be a personality on X Factor New Zealand, which lead to a publicity stunt resulting in a viral media storm. I was subjected to a global witch hunt I couldn’t defend myself against due to a wide-reaching legal gagging order. It was a truly regrettable situation for everyone involved, and Willy and I flew back to our home in New York where I threw myself headfirst into songwriting. Days later, I was collaborating with Madonna on her #1 album Rebel Heart, co-writing the song “Holy Water”. I was drafted onto Rihanna’s writing team, spending months traveling the world with her, and ultimately co-writing ‘Kiss It Better’ on her worldwide #1 album Anti.

While working with such tenacious and outspoken artists, I found a sanctuary where I was allowed to sing the unspeakable … no frills, no fakery. All fun, games, whiskey and a microphone, with the occasional drop in from friends, writers and producers who added their own take on our world.

To my friends, followers and everyone that has supported me during this transitional time — I’m excited to share this new music with you. This is our song ‘Mr. Watson’, this is Cruel Youth.

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