New Track: Justin Bieber – ‘Hey Girl’

For years, it’s been the battle of which Justin is superior. In one corner, we have Bieber. In the other, there’s Timberlake. Now, the two aren’t coming together for a duet (that we know of); but a newly leaked Bieber track called ‘Hey Girl’ veers almost eerily into Timberlake territory that’s not hard to imagine how killer they would sound together.

The production is smooth – with a pop undertone and a largely R&B feel . No doubt this is something that could have been created for fun in the studio or was just tossed aside, left unfinished. It very well could have fell into place somewhere in the middle of ‘Purpose’ or it could be for whatever else Justin has up his sleeve next.

Whatever his plans may be or may have been for this song, we wouldn’t hate if he pumped out a banger like this in the future.

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