New Tracks: Tinashe – ‘Pour Your Love On Me’, ‘Same Old Me’, ‘Just A Taste’, & ‘April Moon’

Tianshe’s ‘Joyride’ may have made a temporary pit stop right now, but there’s still a steady stream of music coming from the R&B songstress. Some official, others unofficial. Today, four songs have leaked onto the Internet that hold us all over while we wait for the new record and show a slightly different side to your girl.

Some of these songs definitely have a more pop leaning side. Now, don’t go and think these are all ‘Player’ duplicates. They aren’t that pop.

In fact, the most pop leaning happens to be ‘April Moon’ – a breezy island ode that keeps Tinashe’s swagger and edge intact. Unfortunately, it’s rather unfinished and we don’t get to experience the song’s full potential. Same goes for the braggadocios ‘Same Old Me’.

Luckily, the two other leaked songs are in full. ‘Just A Taste’ finds Tinashe turning up the sex appeal once again and gets a bit brassy on ‘Pour Your Love On Me.

While these could be an indication of things to come on ‘Joyride, we wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up on the cutting room floor for good. The only one that comes across as interesting is ‘April Moon’, but it’s hard to fully commit when we only have a snippet of the track.

Are you feeling these Tinashe tracks?

*Audio removed as per request*

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