New Single: Natalie La Rose ft. Flo Rida – ‘Rollercoaster’

Natalie La Rose is finally back on her own two feet, ready to pump some more energy into her solo career! After breaking out with her hit single ‘Somebody’ last year, she’s back with a single ‘Rollercoaster’ ft. her mentor Flo Rida.

In between, guitar licks and a full blown gear-churning, electronic heavy chorus, Natalie flips her sound from a urban pop groove into a full blown shimmering pop number. It’s almost jarring at first! It doesn’t have the catchy hooks like ‘Somebody’ or even ‘All Around The World’. It strikes us more as a transitional single into something that’s ready to have a full push later this spring.

Did Natalie get it right with ‘Rollercoaster’?

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