New Single: Philip George & Dragonette – Feel This Way

We can all agree life is a lot better with a little Dragonette in it. Today, the Canadian synth-pop band have teamed up with English DJ and producer, Philip George, for a funky new single, ‘Feel This Way’, that is sure to get you vogueing on the dance floor.

It’s been a few years since we’ve gotten a new record from Dragonette. Since 2013, they’ve been linking up with notable and underground DJs when they aren’t releasing one-off singles. So it was only a matter of time before another feature came out way. The great thing about this one is how fresh it sounds for the band.

Philip is known for his deep house sound, so it’s no surprise that Dragonette have adapted to what he does best on ‘Feel This Way’. Funnily enough, the retro-disco sound fits the band to a tee and seems like a natural fit. Come to think of it, Martina Sorbara’s airy vocals sounds strangely similar to Kylie Minogue. We can’t be the only ones that hear that…

Are you feeling Philip George & Dragonette’s collaboration?

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