Chris Brown Releases Three ‘Back To Sleep’ Remixes

Chris Brown has made a name for himself when it comes to explicit R&B bedroom jams. His latest, ‘Back To Sleepalready sent shivers up our spine back when it was released late last year, but the brand new remix ft. Usher and Zayn has us positively BLUSHING at how far it goes.

Truth be told, Zayn’s part is rather tame so that’s a bit of a pass for us. Kudos to him for nailing a spot on this high profile jam. Chris, on the other hand, is professing his love for Karruche to the point of literally name dropping her at the end of his new verse.

The clear winner of this remix is Usher, who goes so far over the line that we’re sinking in our seat. For God’s sake, the King of R&B really takes us there during this track. Here are a few sample lines from Urshur…

You love how I eat one that pussy/Just might go put a tat on that pussy/That’s says Usher, Usher/There’s no other, other/Damn girl, yeah you got that juicy/Love when I make you cum/I make it gushy

Girl come and sit on my tongue again/Cause I love to taste you/Yeah, I can tell you been eatin’ your pineapples/Girl your pussy taste like pineapples/Girl when I hit your G, you feel like you gon’ be/Baby cum for me

Like, sir….Not for nothing, but this kind of style could help you with your own solo material.

Are you getting down to the ‘Back To Sleep’ remix?



For some reason, Chris has released two additional remixes for ‘Back To Sleep’ – one featuring August Alsina, Miguel, and Trey Songz and another featuring Tank, R Kelly, and Anthony Hamilton. Excessive – but at least it reminds people that Chris is still at it.

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