Video Premiere: Lil’ Mama – ‘Memes’

Last summer, Lil’ Mama had a bit of a resurgence thanks, in large, to her timely remix to the viral sensation that was ‘Sausage’. Just after, she appeared on The Breakfast Club and became one of the Internet’s biggest memes due to a less than flattering shot of a teary-eyed Lil’ Mama during the interview.

Determined to put the focus back onto her music, Lil’ Mama released a mixtape called ‘Take Me Back’ at the end of 2015 and just premiered the music video the aptly titled song ‘Memes’.

Kicking off the video with a montage from that now-infamous interview, Lil’ Mama scraps all that outside noise and reminds us that she is queen of her kingdom as she takes center stage throughout the entire clip.

There’s something very “old school” hip-hop about the entire thing. From the Biggie sample, to the fashion, to the swagger, to her flow – everything really links back to a time when hip-hop was all about the music and the passion behind it.

Lil’ Mama doesn’t nearly get the recognition she deserves – but if she keeps churning out songs and videos like this, it won’t be long until she can earn it all back and then some.

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