New Track: Birdy – ‘Beautiful Lies’

Birdy has about a month left until her third album, ‘Beautiful Lies’, drops! So far, the only music we’ve heard from the album the lead single ‘Keeping Your Head Up’, but that all changed this week when Birdy released the title track as an instant grat for fans.

A total 180 from ‘Keeping Your Head Up’ – ‘Beautiful Lies’ is a orchestral piano ballad that will make your heart swell and burst from all the emotion the UK songstress puts behind it.

Birdy had this to say about ‘Beautiful Lies’ upon its release:

[This song] is important to me because it is the most intimate moment on this album. This song is about a special time in your life that you wish could last forever.

We all have those moments and its songs that touch on those moments that usually resonate the most with fans, new and old.

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