POPTalk: Rihanna’s ‘ANTI’

Before the messy that was ‘The Life Of Pablo’ roll out, Rihanna took that title with how disastrous ‘ANTI’ was. From the abandoned Samsung campaign, to the yearly delays, to the last minute leak – everything that went wrong did go wrong.

But still, Rihanna managed to snag her second #1 album with ‘ANTI’ and has been in the top five of the charts since it’s release. Jokes on everyone else right?

Read our review of Rihanna’s ‘ANTI’.

So being that ‘ANTI’ is one of the hottest records in pop right now, we couldn’t help but devote an entire episode of POPTalk to this now-infamous record.

Our three panel of experts have very different opinions about the record – from liking it, to loathing it, and everything in between. They let out their frustrations about the record and even go as far as predict what songs could be singles.

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