New Track: Justin Bieber – ‘Oh Girl’

Justin Bieber seems to love creating songs with the world “girl” in it. You have ‘Favorite Girl’ from ‘My World’ and, just last week, a new track called ‘Hey Girl’ surfaced online. Today, ‘Oh Girl’ leaked in full – adding to the endless library of ‘Girl’ songs in Justin’s discography.

There’s no way that this was created once the sound that ended up on ‘Purpose’ was figured out. Let us not forget, Justin’s latest album went through a lot of sonic changes before he settled on the vibey, tropical house influenced sound.

While some of the more mature moments of this R&B laced song caught our attention, it’s ultimately a pass for us. He’s done better and has give us better songs. But if you’re a Belieber – consider it your lucky day. You just got a brand new song to add to your collection.

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