First Listen: Fergie – ‘It Ain’t Nothing’

Yesterday, it was revealed that a new Fergie album is due for release in March and that it is rumored to be titled ‘Double Dutchess’. Curiously enough, a demo of a new song called ‘It Ain’t Nothing’ has surfaced online in the midst of even more rumors about a single dropping any day now.

This is an extremely rough version (and most likely first cut) of this song – so really, we can’t go off too much. It would be an injustice to anything Fergie might have done to alter the track until its final state.

With that being said, Fergie is much better than this track. It’s slightly lazy, borderline dated, and isn’t as exciting as her single ‘L.A. LOVE (la la)’, from a year and a half ago.

Holding out hope that this isn’t the lead single that everyone is waiting for. Give us something inventive, Ferg…

*Audio removed as per request*

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