New Single: Kat DeLuna ft. Jeremih – ‘What A Night’

Kat DeLuna – now there’s a name you haven’t heard in a while. Well, get ready because the Bronx born singer is getting ready to launch a new single with Jeremih called ‘What A Night’ that might be taking over later this spring.

We’re almost positive that you can guess how this song is going to go, but just in case we’ll bring you up to speed. ‘What A Night’ samples the hook from The Four Seasons seminal classic ‘December 1963 (What A Night)’ and finds Kat exploring top 40 radio for the first time since her 2010 single ‘Unstoppable’.

Honestly, it’s a bit cut and paste and very much like a tribute to Natalie La Rose’s ‘Somebody’.  But hey – the general public likes generic sounding pop songs like that so we truly feel this will be another hit for Kat.

Do you think she’ll find success with ‘What A Night’?

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