New Track: Charli XCX ft. Hannah Diamond – ‘Paradise’

To say Charli XCX is on a roll this week would be an understatement. Just one day after announcing Vroom Vroom Recordings, its debut EP, and debuting a bunch of songs, Charli has gone and premiered yet another electronic laced banger, ‘Paradise’, ft. Hannah Diamond on Beats1Radio today.

Now this is more like it for you festival EDM and pop fans. It’s a hell of a lot less trappier and finds the ‘Vroom Vroom’ singer treading into glitchy K-Pop territory – a sound that Charli has promised would be on her forthcoming third album.

Gone is the aggressive, braggadocios as Charli and Hannah find euphoria throughout ‘Paradise’.

Tonight/We’re in paradise/Soaring through the sky/seeing pink and white/Yeah, we can make it right

It’s another twist and turn when it comes to Charli’s unpredictable third record. Luckily, she still has our attention – perhaps more than ever.

Are you into Charli’s new electronic sound?

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