Zayn Premieres ‘Pillowtalk (Remix)’ Remix Ft. Lil’ Wayne

We all knew this one was coming. Weeks ago, Zayn teased a remix of his #1 hit single, ‘Pillowtalk’ ft. Lil’ Wayne on Snapchat. Unfortunately, there was very little surrounding the song and it sort of fell to the wayside. Now – the track has appeared in full on AppleMusic, giving new life (and a bit of a dirty edge) to the song.

Veering away from the alt-pop production, Zayn gets in touch with a more urban vibe (and introduces a brand new verse!) as Tunechi about ‘fuckin’ and fighting’.

Put my tongue in her noose/Put my thumb in her ‘boose/Make her jump through the roof/Now she touching the moon/And she love when we spoon.She gon’ cum and boo-hoo/When she cummin’ it’s through 

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