REPORT: Selena Gomez To Release ‘Nobody’ As A Single

Yes, guys. You’ve read that correctly. Selena Gomez will be releasing another single off of ‘Revival’ and it will be the gospel tinged bonus track, ‘Nobody’.

Allegedly. This is according to TMZ, so take it with a grain of salt. However, there seems to be a little bit of truth to this report.

Earlier this week in a now-deleted Instagram post, Selena told fans to attend the album release party of Christian band, Youth & Revival, without reason. Turns out, Selena joined the band in the middle of their set during the party to perform Nobody’.

Before she began singing the song, Selena introduced the song as something that’s help guide her through trouble times.

It’s about a relationship that is greater than anything. I wrote this song about the one thing that hold it all together for me even when I can’t bare to do it myself.

This isn’t the first time Selena has praised ‘Nobody’ as one of her favorites off of ‘Revival’. When the album came out, Selena shared even more about the inspiration behind the track with iHeart.

‘Nobody’ is written about my faith, my connection with God. Anyone can interpret that however they want. It’s a beautiful record, but that was my intention when I wrote the song. No human being can love you the way that your higher power can, and I think it’s beautiful. You have to love yourself. You have to find that within your heart and that’s when I was able to discover myself.

According to TMZ, the goal is to release it to Christian radio and have see if it crosses over to mainstream radio. While we don’t see that happening, it’s nice to see Selena expand her horizons and explore new opportunities that feel right for her as an artist.


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