Wayne Coyne To Possibly Leak Lip$ha Music

Before we knew Wayne Coyne as the main influence behind Miley Cyrus’ psychedelic trip in whatever it is that she’s doing these days, we knew him as a collaborator of Kesha’s.

Back before Kesha started to record the bulk of her sophomore album, ‘Warrior’, she fooled around with Wayne Coyne and the rest of The Flaming Lips in the studio. At the time, Kesha and Wayne set aside a few songs for ‘Warrior’, but – as we know – only ‘Past Lives’ made the cut. Soon after Wayne confirmed that he had a whole album of The Flaming Lips and Kesha, aptly dubbed ‘Lip$ha’.

After fans began to wonder about music from Kesha’s sessions with The Flaming Lips, it was revealed that Dr. Luke put a stop on the album’s release. And that was that – ‘Lip$ha’ was dead. Or so we thought…

In the midst of all the support surrounding Kesha these days, Wayne has spoken out to stand beside his one-time partner. Turns out, his desire for the world to hear ‘Lip$ha’ still burns bright and he’s debating on whether to leak some of it himself.

Yesss… I will see if Kesha will let us leak the Lip$ha stuff… fuck.. at least ONE song .. I jus don’t want her to have any MORE troubles because of it .. And thanks for the badass pic@heidirossphoto .. It was so fun doing the song “You’re The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly”with Kesha and Ben!!! It was Ben’s idea and he really made it a great section of his show!! @iiswhoiis#mileycyrusandherdeadpetz #flaminglips#listeningtothefrogswithdemoneyes#theflaminglips

As much as we dislike Miley’s project with The Lips, we’d be more open to hear what Kesha cooked up alongside Wayne and all his freakiness.

It’s really hard to say if Wayne could actually follow through with what he’s said. We can imagine there would be plenty of implications for himself, as well as Kesha, if he were to leak anything. But you never know…

Would you be open to hearing anything ‘Lip$ha’ related?

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