Introducing: NAO

Each year, the BBC reveals their Sound Of list – resulting in a lot of new acts breaking through and becoming the most talked about artists of the year. This year, an East London singer by the name of NAO placed third and caught the ears of many this week with her 90’s inspired R&B single ‘Fool To Love’.

It’s funny- NAO isn’t an unknown act. To be honest, she’s got quite a lot of experience under her belt for such a young artist. She studied jazz in London and went on to release her first EP in 2014 – a collection of songs that caught the BBC’s attention. After that, things became a whirlwind. NAO found herself at Glastonbury in 2015 and a spot on Disclosure’s ‘Caracal’ track ‘Superego’.

As for ‘Fool To Love’, it couldn’t be any smoother. Taking influences from classic R&B females (Brandi & Monica come to mind) and infusing it with pop melodies and today’s sound is 100% the right step to take after her BBC Sound of 2016 placement.

Are you keeping your eye on NAO?

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