12 Kesha Songs That Should Have Been Singles

Most of you may know her as a part-time party girl masquerading as a pop star, but – to us – Kesha is more than that. She’s part ‘Animal’, part ‘Cannibal’, and a full on ‘Warrior’ – and it just so happens to be her birthday today.

Due to an unfortunate series of circumstances, Kesha is unable to release new music for her legion of animals. Sad, yes – but not the end of the world. There will come a day where we have a new Kesha single will see the light of the day and electrify radio. Until then, all we have is her past discography to sort through and think “what could have been”.

In honor of her 28th birthday, we’re going to dive into all of her albums (and her unreleased material) and highlight twelve songs that could have and should have been singles.


Kiss N Tell’


Part of Kesha’s charm is her ability to chew up and spit out men. Consider this underrated gem the first in a series of songs where she takes the reigns and shows the boys who their daddy actually is.

Party At A Rich Dude’s House’


A bonafied Kesha classic that had the potential to set the stage for the rock influenced sound she desperately wants to integrate into her music.



Seminal. One of the first songs that showed that Kesha wasn’t disposable and had more to offer than a toothbrush and bottle of jack.

The Harold Song’


Heartbreaking. The definition of the one that got away for Kesha. Why this was never a single we will never know. It could have opened up a lot of doors up for her post-‘Cannibal’.

Crazy Beautiful Life’


Sure, this may be the most generic on ‘Cannibal’ and it may have not performed that well – but you can’t deny how much of an ear worm that chorus is.

Thinking Of You’


Warrior’ straddle the fence between pop and rock. With Kesha leading a battle to channel more of “cock-pop” sound, this could have been the single to ease the general public into her new sound.

Only Wanna Dance With You’


See above. Same applies here. Same ol’ Kesha, but with an upgrade sound



Kesha got her start with a heavy electronic sound and this takes what she established and kicks it into high gear. Could it have been a hit? Hard to say – but it would have been interesting to see how it did.

Last Goodbye’


There is no reason why this should have been a bonus track. There is no reason why this shouldn’t have been a single. There is no reason why this shouldn’t have been #1 for 35 weeks in a row.

Out Alive’


Dubbed her “favorite dance track” that she’s ever written, ‘Out Alive’ had the power to bring back the ‘Warrior’ era back from the dead.

Booty Call’


A gem in Kesha’s unreleased catalogue. Fingers crossed that her current legal situation doesn’t hinder this song from being officially released one day.

Woo Hoo’ 


When Kesha said her second album would be “cock-pop”, this is what she meant. It’s a shame it was sold off to a Nickelodeon band who totally transformed it and destroyed it. Thank you, Luke.


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