New Track: Azealia Banks – ‘Used To Being Alone’

Good god – she said she was going to be petty, but we weren’t expecting this. After taking on some of the comments Iggy Azalea had to share about her in ELLE Canada via Twitter, Azealia Banks decided to address the Aussie pop-rap artist head on with her music. The best part? Turns out, Azealia has sampled the same track for her latest ‘Slay-Z’ song – ‘Used To Being Alone’ – that Iggy swiped for her song ‘My World’.

Very wise to let the music do the talking for once, AB. It’s all down to taste on which song you prefer the most, but we have to give it to Azealia this time around. Say what you want about her, but you can’t deny how fire this track is.

However, be aware that this is only a first taste of ‘Used To Being Alone’. The final version will appear on ‘Slay-Z’, which will drop in nine days or less according to Azealia.

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