New Single/Video Premiere: Keke Palmer ft. Jeremih – ‘Enemiez’

Most people are unaware of how talented Keke Palmer actually is. Broadway, TV, music – she does it all. After showing off her chops in Grease! Live and Scream Queens recently, Keke is ready to put all her focus on music with her new single, ‘Enemiez’ ft. Jeremih.

We really didn’t know what to expect from Keke’s new music now that she’s more prominent than ever. Thankfully, ‘Enemiez’ comes at you like a natural re-introduction into who Keke is as an artist. It’s no surprise that ‘Enemiez’ has a little bit of a darker edge to it given the title. Vocally, she’s killing it; Lyrically, she’s wants all or nothing when it comes to love:

I’ve on my worst behavior/I want you to punish me/All this fake this ain’t enough for me/Gotta be honest/I want you to lust for me/And if we’re just friends/I’d rather be your enemy

As for the music video, Keke takes us back to when music videos actually mattered. The storyline may get lost in translation, but everything from the choreography to the style has this old school MJ, Aaliyah, TLC feel that we’re very here for.

Alright, Keke – we hear you loud and clear. It’s a solid note to start out on. Let’s see what else you got.

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