New Single: Phoebe Ryan – ‘Chronic’

Last year, Phoebe Ryan caught the attention of many with her delicately lush single ‘Mine’. Now that it’s a new year, it’s time to pick up where she left off with her latest single, ‘Chronic’.

Instead of duplicating the delicate sound that ‘Mine’ introduced, ‘Chronic’ focuses more on a synth-heavy production that finds Phoebe comparing her lover’s kiss to, well, drugs.

Oh so wonderful/Kisses tasting like chronic/Give me some cause I want it/Like all the time/And oh, it hits me good/Yeah, it’s keeping me breathing/Chasing after the feeling/Like all the time

Ms. Ryan has a very whimsical style when it comes to writing her songs so it’s nice to see her continue to carry that into her new work.

Chronic’ is cute! Not our favourite, but cute. It still makes us eager to hear what else she has in store for us, we know that for sure.

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